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These pages describe the various ways you can install and administer IBM Connections and complementing products with assistance from scripts, batch files and other helpful advice to make life as an IBM Connections administrator less of a chore.

The scripts used in this document are Community written and provided without warranty and are for use at your own risk. The advice is to ensure you back up files before making any changes and where possible test before use on a live server.

With scripts such as ...

  • Linux/AIX - Shell / BASH / ZSH / KSH / SH, Jython / JACL
  • Windows - Powershell / Batch / VB, SQL

You can save a lot of time and effort. Rather than logging into the Web based administration server and wading through menus, clicking the mouse and changing each variable separately the wsadmin scripts change multiple entries in seconds saving hours of valuable time.

Download and Install

Direct link to download and installation.

With Tips

Best practise tips to streamline deployment and business as usual. From Database reorganisation and runstats to IBM HTTP Server mod_deflate

Before you use any of the tips and scripts available it is advised that you

  • Create Backups
  • Install to a Test system (if you don’t have one – build one)
  • Document your changes

The WebSphere scripts should be placed in the <was_home>/profiles/<deployment Manager>/bin directory to allow them to be called correctly.