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Deactivate and Activate a user

You may occasionally see an issue after a rename or some other ldap change that users get out of sync. They can open Profiles, but cannot access any other Connections application or they have problems with a single application.

Deactivating and Reactivating the user through ProfilesService can be a resolution for this. When reactivating a user you must provide UID and EMAIL (the email was deleted through Deactivate). The script stores UID and EMAIL in memory allowing for profile deactivation and reactivation / sync from one command.

You must edit the script and change following: - Path to JDBC Driver - DB User and Password - DB Host, Port, peopleDB name


As with check external id against ldap script if the Connections servers are windows based the additional steps to add the line to the setupCmdLine and wasuserscript.cmd is required.

The script will prompt for the email address of the user.


Once entered the user is deactivated, then reactivated and the user’s ext id is synced across all the Connections applications – resyncing the users data. They can now log on to the system.