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Write documentation to text file

You can call the different documentation scripts through the menu to get an overview of the configured values, but it is often better to store the documentation to a file.

This script does not work, when you call it through the menu. You have to call it seperate through wsadmin!


./ -lang jython -username wasadmin -password password -f ibmcnx/doc/

The script will ask you for path and filename. When the file exist it will ask you, if the new documentation should be appended to the file, or if it should be overwritten.

Documentation to a file

Documentation file contains following informations:

  1. j2ee roles of all applications in your environment
  2. JVM Settings of all appliation servers, nodes and the dmgr
  3. Used Ports of all servers
  4. Settings (rotation, size, history count) and path of all SystemOut and SystemErr logs
  5. All WebSphere variables of your Cell
  6. DataSources and parameters

Example part of the documentation file.

example documentation