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Set JVM Language

Set JVM Language

WebSphere Application Server normally creates log messages in the language of your operating system. To get better quality when you want to search a log message, you should configure your WebSphere Application Server to use english locales.

The language parameters must be set within the jvm of each dmgr, nodeagent and application server. So in a midsize deployment you have to add the parameter to 5 different jvms.

Have a look at this blog post of Michael Urspringer for more details.

Following script checks the jvmGenericArguments, deletes -Duser.language and -Duser.region. After this the settings for english and region GB (-Duser.language=en -Duser.region=US) will be set.


You can call the script after installing the community scripts through

./ -lang jython -username wasadmin -password password -f ibmcnx/config/

The script walks through jvms and adds the appropriate lines for english log messages. Configuration save and node synchronization will only be done, when something is changed.

JVM Log language

Custom property

You can add the user.language and user.region to JVM Custom Properties too, so you can add a description and your generic JVM arguments are more clearly: