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This script collection started in 2013 after Social Connections V in Zurich and a talk at IBM Connect 2014. We collected scripts to configure, document and administrate IBM Connections (since 2019 HCL Connections) on WebSphere Application Server.

Christoph Stöttner:

Christoph is a Senior Consultant at Vegard IT GmbH, an HCL Business Partner in Germany and lives in Hesse. He has 23 years experience with the HCL / Lotus portfolio (mainly HCL Domino, HCL Connections). Christoph is HCL Ambassador. He started the OpenNTF Project "Administration Scripts for WebSphere" with a collection of useful scripts for IBM WebSphere, HCL Connections and DB2 installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

Sharon Bellamy:

Sharon works with IBM Connections, WebSphere and the rest of the ICS software stack, Sharon is an ICS Champion, blogger, tweeter, iSeries fan and Nerd girl. Sharon has worked with and been using IBM/Lotus technologies for the past 15 years - 7 of those working with WebSphere/Commerce/Lotus solutions on the iSeries platform, and has 11 years experience of WebSphere based technology and now totally passionate about IBM Connections and integrating IBM products.

Klaus Bild:

Klaus started his WebSphere career with the IBM Learning Management System (LMS) more than 10 years ago. In 2006 he installed the first Beta Versions of IBM Connections and works nowadays as a Senior Consultant for ICS products at WebGate Consulting AG. He lives in lovely Zurich in Switzerland. He joined the OpenNTF Project "Administration Scripts for WebSphere" from the beginning.

Tim Clark: