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Configure JVM Log Files

One of the first things an administrator should do when Connections has been installed is change the size of the JVM log files. The SystemOut and SystemErr log files are used to trouble shoot the system and it’s a good snap shot of how each server and application is running.

By default when WebSphere is installed the size is set to 1mb, which fills up and rolls over very quickly on a busy system. No historical logs are kept by default making it very difficult to trouble shoot errors.

It is a sensible option to change the log size to between 20 – 40mb and keep at least 5 historical log files. This allows a good amount of log collection for trouble shooting, to send to IBM If a PMR is required etc.

The file size and history must be configured on each of the servers including the deployment manager and node agents.

Set Log Size and History through ISC

To change the log file size and history in the ISC

Troubleshooting > Logs and trace > > JVM Logs


Change the File Size and Maximum historical files for each server, save, resync and once the servers are restarted the new size and history settings are picked up.

Script to Change Log Size and History

To use the script to set the log size and history use the script.

./|bat -lang jython -f

The script prompts for Rolleover type – Size (to just set the size) or Both for size and history, Maximum log size in mb and the Maximum number of backup files.


The settings are saved to the WebSphere configuration and are picked up on the next server restart.