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Configure Data Sources

There is an excellent performance tuning guide available. One for version 4.0 which still holds a lot of relevant information and an addendum for specific 4.5 changes.

For systems with a large amount of users and a lot of transactions the minimum and maximum data source connections should be tuned.

Start with Performance Tuning Guide and Addendum.

Review these settings periodically with "Tivoli Performance Viewer"

From the ISC

15+ Data Sources to Change (about 100 or so mouse clicks)

Resources > JDBC >Data sources > > Additional Features > ConnectionPools


Change the maximum and minimum connections for each data source, save each of the changes, sync the nodes and restart the servers.

Using a script

Call the configure data source script (

Bash|bat -lang jython -f ibmcnx/config/

The change takes approx. 30 seconds to change the parameters of all the Data Sources.


The script will change the min / max connections as per the tuning guide recommendations. If you wish to change these to your own settings edit ibmcnx/ before running.


When looking in the ISC now the connection settings for the data source have changed to the new parameters.


There is a potential issue with search for updated versions of Connections 4.5.

IBM Connections Forum:

After Update to IBM Connections 4.5 Errors on createOrWaitForConnection (Ressource jdbc /search)

This can be resolved by changing the search jdbc and data source parameters as per the tuning guide.

You can monitor the used connection pools through Tivoli Performance Monitor: