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Check external IDs against LDAP

One of the most common IBM Connections issues is that a user cannot log in to one of the connections applications. For example the user cannot log into the homepage application, but can view their profile with no problem at all.

One of the issues can be that the users ExtIDs are out of sync, there are normally several error messages. There are was admin and db commands to check this but every application is checked separately. The script will check if LDAP UUIDs (GUID, SID) are equal to Connections UUID. The script reads PROF_GUID from peopleDB through JDBC and checks it against the other Connections application databases.

To use the script you must first edit it and change following:

  • Path to JDBC Driver
  • DB User and Password
  • DB Host, Port, peopleDB name


NOTE: If the system is running on Windows also add to the setupCmdLine.bat an entry for wasuserscript.cmd

Text Only
SET WAS_USER_SCRIPT=C:\IBM\wasuserscript.cmd

Create the wasuserscript.cmd file and add the following

Text Only
SET WAS_EXT_DIRS=%WAS_EXT_DIRS%;<jdbc driver path>

Where is the path of the drive i.e C:\IBM\SQLLIB\java

The script will prompt for the email address you would like to check and will then pull the external id (ldap identifier) from each of the Connections application data bases and list them.


The EXTIDs should match the profiles entry. If not an application synchronisation will be required.