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Add Cluster Members for additional Connections Node

When you want to add a node to a Connections Installation, you have to add additional Application Servers to your Clusters.

Details see IBM Connections 4.5 Product Documentation: Adding a node to a cluster.

So you install WebSphere Application Server on the new host, create a new node and federate it into your deployment manager. Do not forget to create a service, that the new node agent is started on server start and change the monitoring policy state.

You can add these through ISC, but when you have a midsize or large deployment, this is a boring task.


We provide a script, which asks you for the node where the servers should be created and the number they should have. After this you will be asked to select the Clusters:



After this the nodeagent syncs the application and the new node can work. You should recreate the WebSphere Plugin and restart IHS!

In the IBM Connections Documentation there are additional tasks to do, like configuring the search index for working with multiple nodes!